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Hi Everyone!

So for all my college students out there (on the quarter system any how) finals week is approaching fast! For me the whole next week is dead week before the dreaded finals! As a way to relieve a little bit of stress I am going to make a little series about how to survive finals week – fashion wise.

I will be providing easy makeup looks that take barely any time at all, cute hair styles, and comfy outfits that look like you put way more effort into them then you actually did!

Essentials cute

Today I am providing a list of my “must haves” for the finals week!

tomorrow I hope you enjoy & let’s get stated!

So this post is all about that products that I feel are essential for surviving finals.

Essentials flat lay

First, I have a coffee mug/cup/whatever. I consume way more coffee than I normally do during finals week – and my typical amount is more than most people I know. Normally I use a Hydroflask coffee mug because it keeps things hot for hours but it was dirty and the Starbucks mug is way cuter.

Probably one of the most important products is dry shampoo. It’s an absolute must! Here I have a can of Pantene because it was $4 and the Batiste was about $9 at the store closest to me – and I’m not spending that much on something that lasts a month and a half. Knowing that I don’t have to wash my hair, makes getting up in the mornings easier after study sessions that ran late into the night. Just a few sprays and viola! Somewhat presentable hair…

The next item is a hair accessory that I bought from Michaels’s. It is a satiny fabric coated hair scrunchy with a wire bow on top. One thing I do that helps me feel more presentable and less stressed is wrap the scrunchy around my ponytail and move the bow around, it looks cute and takes no time at all.

Headphones are a MUST for me. I live on campus and no matter where I go its going to be loud. Even at the library… ugh… Half the time I don’t even put any music on, I just put them in to block out the sound while studying.

Lotion is another must, it’s winter and my hands get so dry and then I can’t focus. I have this baby one from Bath & Body Works in Warm Vanilla Sugar ($5 – Bath & Body Works) – the old packaging. It smells good and relieves the dry burning feeling I get in the palms of my hands.

I always like to carry around a roller ball of perfume because it’s quick to apply and its nice to be sitting there studying and get a whiff of it every now and then. 🙂

And lastly, a lip balm. I have the Jack Black “Black Tea & Blackberry” Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 ($7.50 – Sephora). This is hydrating without being too thick and it smells wonderful. As a bonus it has SPF 25, so if I do venture outside my lips are protected!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed my somewhat lengthy post!

What are/were some of your final essentials?

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion