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Hey Everyone!

I recently ordered a baby size z-palette from Sephora’s website with the intention to depot some shadows and save space!naked-1-2

I know there is a large controversy going on with Z-Palette and their treatment of customers, however I am not going to get into that. This method will work regardless of the magnetic palette you are using.

I hope you enjoy & let’s get started!

I am depotting my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. I love certain shades out of both palettes but I have some that I never reach for and I just want out of my collection.

So into the z-palette they go!

I started with the original Naked Palette ($54 – Ulta, Sephora). This one was pretty easy to depot due to its cardboard packaging.

What you’ll need: a floss pick (unless you have a tiny flat head screwdriver, then just use that) and a little metal key designed for depotting (mine came with the palette) – again if you have a mini flat head screwdriver you don’t need this. depot-naked-1

  1. Pick a corner of the shadow pan that has a gap between it and the packaging.
  2. Carefully (if you rush it the shadow could break and that would suck) wiggle your tool (I switched to the little metal key) down in the gap and around the perimeter of the pan, as you do this the pan will start to move around.
  3. As the shadow starts to move and lift up, push your tool underneath it and start to gently wiggle it around. This is loosening the glue holding the pan down. It should then pop out enough for you to pick it up.

Now there will probably be some glue stuck to the bottom of the pan, this is easily removed with rubbing alcohol or – if you’re lazy (like me) you can pry it off with your fingers.

After that pop the shadow into the z palette. My Naked palette’s pan were magnetized but I’ve heard that some aren’t (most likely the earlier versions). If your’s don’t stick, use a magnet.

depot-tiptrickOne tip I recommend to avoid damaging the other shadows during depotting (because it
does happen, one wrong move and you can accidentally jam the tool into a shadow) is taking a tissue, towel, whatever, and wrapping it around the palette covering the shadows you haven’t depotted yet. I found that this helped minimize the destruction.


Overall this palette depotted smoothly, I did break “Sin” – well actually it popped out and I somehow flung it across my desk, don’t ask how… I don’t know. But I repressed it and it’s as good as new!

Next I tackled the Naked 2 ($54 – Ulta, Sephora). This palette was a bit more challenging as it has plastic and metal packaging. I wound up borrowing a tiny flat head screw driver from my neighbor for this.

The steps for depotting this palette are essentially the same as the original Naked, except you do need a thin knife or screw driver, the floss pick won’t work… believe me I tried and jabbed many shadows that way!


The depotting of this palette didn’t go quite as smoothly as the original, I did have one casualty. The shade “Black Out” completely shattered (and got freaking everywhere :/) when I tried to depot it.

naked-palettes-in-z-paletteThis is my finished product (before repressing “Sin”). I got rid of Creep and Gunmetal, as well as Blackout and Pistol. Those were shades I never used and were happy to get rid of.

I used this palette Thursday morning, as well as this morning and I love it. I love having both palettes in one place! It’s going to make traveling so easy – which is partially why I chose to do this – I have every shade I need to create the looks I wear on a daily basis. As well as some shades to create a dark and smokey look.

Depotting the palettes has also encouraged me to use them more. Before doing this I never used either because I would open one up and go “eh, I don’t know what to do…” and then I would go and use a different palette. Not any more!


I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion