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Hi Everyone!

I was a little uninspired when I sat down to write today’s post so I decided on doing a tag. If you follow the beauty/panning community on youtube you might have seen the sequel tag going around on youtube.

I decided that even though I have not been tagged that I wanted to do the tag, but I thought I should start with the original and then do the second a little later on.

I hope you enjoy and lets get started!

I found the questions on emilynoel83’s video “Perfect Palette Tag 2!” video.

1. Best packaging

Without a doubt the Too Faced “Natural Matte” palette. I love the lacey floral design on the front of the palette. I’ve found that Too Faced has the best packaging out of all the makeup brands that I’ve tried or seen in stores/online. 
2. Best color payoff

The LORAC PRO palette range. Since starting the journey of panning the LORAC PRO 2 I’ve found that these shadows have the most insane color pay off and pigmentation. I don’t care for all the fall out that comes with some of the shadows but other than that, these have the best color payoff.
3. Most versatile

Probably the most versatile palette I have in my collection is the Too Faced “Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar.” I find that I can multitask the shades and use them for my brows, to set under my eyes, to contour, to highlight, and, of course, on my lids. Plus it smells like chocolate… which is always a bonus. 
4. Best for traveling

Same answer as above. The Too Faced “Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar” palette. I just love how many different ways you can use the shades in the palette. 
5. Biggest regret

The Wet ‘n Wild “Comfort Zone” palette. I know its a cult classic and thousands of people love it but I just don’t understand the hype. I bought it, swatched it, thought “oh well those are nice” and put it in my drawer. I eventually depotted them and kept the ones I like in a z palette… maybe I’ll use the shades more now. 

Another palette I regret buying (and I actually threw away) is the NYX Love in Paris “Madeleines and Macaroons” palette. The color payoff was great… but when you blended them on the eyes everything looked muddy… not something I desire in a palette… even if it was only $10. 
6. Best color names

The Too Faced “Natural Matte” palette. I just love the names of the shades, “Lace Teddy,” “Chocolate Cookie,” “Cashmere Bunny.” They make me really happy whenever I open the palette up to use it. 
7. Least used

Urban Decay “Naked” palette. I got this in December of last year and I meant to use it… I really did… but I just never got around to it. I’m going to make it a goal of mine in the future to incorporate it more into my looks.
8. Most used/most loved/desert island palette

Stila “In The Light” palette. I know it’s discontinued (although there is another palette from Stila that looks suspiciously similar to this one) but I just love it. I think it partially has to do with it being my first high-end palette, but also I just love how fool proof it is. I think that if I was on a desert island and I brought this, my makeup would always be flawless.

Well that’s all I have for now!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion