Hi Everyone!

It’s been about two weeks give or take a few days since the intro post for the “Finish 5 By Cinco de mayo” panning project so I figured it’s time for an update!

I’ve finished a few products and I think for having a little over a month left in the project I’ll be able to finish almost everything.

I hope you enjoy and let’s get into it!

Just a little refresher, my five main products are:

  1. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Liner in “213 In The Nude” Ulta $5
  2. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner in “070 Enchantment” – Ulta $5 
  3. LORAC “Behind The Scenes” Eye Primer (sample) – Ulta $21 for full size
  4. Clinique “Almost Powder Makeup”- Ulta $27
  5. Hanae Mori Roller Ball perfume – Nordstrom $25

Since the intro I have finished the Rimmel lip liner. Actually the original version of this post went up right before I finished the item. The liner was just  ok. It annoyed me to no end because it wore off patchy, made my lips feel sticky, and constantly broke off which made it even harder to line my lips with.

As for the other products, the powder and the roller ball are close, probably another week and they’ll be gone. I have no clue how long the eye primer will last me, as for the eye liner, I wasn’t planning on finishing it I just wanted to make progress on it.

I also had four bonus items in this project, they are:

  1. Stila “In the Light” shadow in “Sandstone” (hit pan)  – palette discontinued  
  2. LORAC PRO 2 “Lt. Brown” (hit pan) – Ulta $44 for full palette
  3. LORAC PRO 2 “Cool Grey” (hit pan) – Ulta $44 for full palette
  4. J Cats Beauty Lipgloss in “Rose Glisten”– J Cats Beauty Website $4.40

I’ve finished the lipgloss. I only had what seemed like a little bit left but it clung on for another ten days after the initial post. I like the color… didn’t like the packaging at all. It leaked way too much for my liking.

I also reached my goal of hitting pan on the LORAC PRO 2 “Cool Grey” shade. It took three months of almost daily use to see the tiniest bit of pan, it was really exciting when I moved my brush and saw the silver peeking through!

Well that’s all I have for now!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion