Hi Everyone!

I have a sort of different post for you all today. It is panning related but it’s not a challenge.

I have put together a z-palette full of powder products that I would like to pan or hit pan on this year. Some of these products are in other projects but others are just ones that have been depotted. I use this palette every day while getting ready along with my LORAC PRO 2.

I have really come to love what I have in here and I hope you enjoy getting a peek inside!

I got my z-palette off of amazon for about $20 and I love it. I never realized how cluttered my everyday makeup organizer was until I depotted most of it into this palette. It has made getting ready much faster and simpler than before.

All of my  daily powder products with the exception of my face setting powders – my Clinique, Rimmel, and Makeup Forever powders – are in this palette.

IMG_4077Starting in the top left corner: I depotted my Stila “Sending My Love” Gift Set eyeshadows so they are more convenient to use. Below the strip of shadows is my sample size of the Stila “Kitten.”

In the bottom left corner are two Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit powders, “Fawn” and “Banana.” Next to the Banana powder is the Wet ‘n Wild “Brûlée” single that is cracked and cracks a little more each day but not enough for me to repress it.

In the middle of the palette on are four morphe shadows: “Lustrous,” “Gravity,” “Birthday Suit,” and “Life in the City.” The half moon above the morphe shadows is the darker half of the Stila “Kitten” highlighter duo.

In the bottom right corner is my Ulta Contour Kit bronzer in “Warmth.” Next to that are two E.L.F. shadows in “Periwinkle” (bottom), and “Moonstone” (top). Above the shadows is the lighter half of the Stila “Kitten” highlighter duo.

In the top right corner is the L’Oreal True Match Blush in C-3 “Tender Rose” and next to that is the LORAC PRO 2 shadow in “Nectar.”

Well that’s all I have for now!
Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion 🙂