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Hi Everyone!
It’s time for my “Pan that Palette 2016” update! I’m panning my LORAC PRO 2 palette –
well I’m panning 12
of the 16 shades of the palette, the other four are shades that I don’t reach for often enough to use up in a year.

I hope you enjoy and let’s get into it!

To start off, here was my progress update for February:


I finished “Buff” and “Chrome,” I hit pan in “Black and “Snow” and had smallish dips going in “Cool Grey” and “Lt. Brown” and that was it. Not bad… unfortunately between then (15 February) and about a week and a half ago there was little to NO progress showing in my palette even though I had been using it on a daily basis.

Here’s where I am now:





But about a week ago I started seeing major dips in “Plum, “Cool Grey,” “Beige” and “Rose.” As luck would have it I hit pan in “Cool Grey” and “Rose.” I’m super happy with this. I also hit pan on “Mocha” a few weeks ago but wasn’t very jazzed about it because I had dug my brush straight down to hit pan in the least amount of time possible  – it kinda felt like I was cheating :\.

Since February I have also expand the pan on “Snow” and “Black” the two shadows that I think are going to take me the longest time of the 12 to pan.

I also pulled out “Nectar” from the palette and am using it as a blush, here’s my progress:


It’s kind of hard to see but there are major dips on the sides and I think I will hit pan before 30 April.

My goals for the next month is to hit pan on “Nectar,” “Plum,” “Lt. Brown,” and “Beige.” I’m multitasking “Lt. Brown” as a contour shade and using “Beige” solely as a face highlight (because it looks terrible as a lid shade on me). I think this is doable because they all have big dips in them.Even if it’s the littlest bit of pan I will be happy.  I also want to start clearing out the bottom corner of “Snow” and “Black.”

Well that’s all for now!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion