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Hi Everyone,

This is the last installment of my three seasonal panning projects for the spring/early summer months.

For this project I am focusing on finishing up four items by the fourth of July. This time around the process off selecting the items was a little bit different, as I did them roulette style with a list of categories and the random.org number generator.

I hope you enjoy & let’s get into it!

I got my list from HeidiKMakeup’s “Finish 4 By 4th of July” youtube video description box. She listed out 50 different categories and I popped the information into random.org’s generator and got the following:



  • #19 (Sample Size Item): Bite Beauty “Amuse Bouche Lipstick” in “Raddish” Sephora 100 point perk; $26 for full size 
  • #48 (A Product You Are Planning To Pan Already): The Ulta Contour Kit bronzer in “Warmth” Ulta $ 18 for full kit 
  • #18 (Something You’ve Had Forever): Stila “In The Light” eye shadow “Bare” -discontinued 
  • #28 (A Cheek Product): Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten” sample size – Ulta $22 for full size 

I recently got the Bite Beauty lipstick as a point perk from Sephora and I think it will be the perfect shade for the mid spring/early summer months.


The Bite Beauty lipstick in “Raddish” starting point.

The Ulta bronzer is part of my first ever contour kit which I got back in 2014 and I want to finish it up. I have depotted it and have had to repress it once already. I think I will see pan in about two weeks.

The Stila eye shadow is from my first high end palette the “Stila In The Light” palette. I want to finish it up before it goes bad and loses pigmentation.

Lastly the Stila highlighter. This is something I found on a clearance rack in Nordstrom Rack about two years ago. Once I finish up my current highlighter in my “Finish 6 By Summer” project I am moving on to  this duo. I want nothing more than to hit pan by the fourth of July.

I also selected three additional items through the roulette style to work on:

  • #22 (Something you can live without): LORAC PRO 2 shadow in “Mocha” Ulta $44 for full palette
  • #6 (Something you love to hate): L’Oreal Infallible Gel Laquer Liner in “Blackest Black” – Ulta $10 
  • #16 (An Impulse Buy): The Rimmel Stay Matte Power in “001 Translusent” Ulta $5

I want to finish up the LORAC PRO 2 shadow because it is just a bronzy shade that I have a million others of. I have already hit pan in the shade but I’m going to set it aside until May when bronzy looks make more sense.

I’m going to start using the L’Oreal liner after I finish up my Stila liner. I have hit “pan” (glass in this case) on this product and all I want to do is expand the glass showing.

The Rimmel powder is part of my “Finish 6 By Summer” project as well, all I want to do is expand the pan I’m sure it’ll have by the start of Summer.

Well that’s all for now!

The panning updates will be every one to two weeks (this one will probably be every two weeks until Cinco de mayo).

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion 🙂