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Hi Everyone!

This is the intro to the second of three seasonal project pans I am doing over the next couple of months in addition to my pan that palette.

Without further ado, let’s get into my “Finish 6 By Summer” items and bonus items!

Alright, this time around I chose six items I am ready to be done with, as well as a few extra ones just for fun.

The core six are:


  1. Urban Decay Primer Potion Sample Packets (4)
  2. LORAC PRO 2 “Beige” Ulta $44 for full palette
  3. Revlon “Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain” in “Honey” Ulta $9.50
  4. NYX “HD Concealer” in “02 Fair” Ulta $5
  5. Stila “Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner” in “Black” – Ulta $22
  6. Stila “Smudge Stick” in “Tetra” – Ulta  $22

After I finish up the LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer sample in my “Finish 5 By Cinco de mayo” project I want to get through these samples that came in my Urban Decay Naked palette. There are four in total but it will count as one item as they will not take very long to pan.

The LORAC PRO 2 shadow in “Beige” is a very light, golden champagne shade that I have been using for the past month as a face and inner corner highlight. I like it in those areas but I think it looks really weird on me when it is all over my lid. I have a pretty significant dip in the shadow already and I want to be done with it by the time summer rolls around.

I thought I’d through in a lip product to focus on. I chose the Revlon stain because I never ever use it and I wanted a challenge. It is basically new except for the few times this month I wore it. I love the color but I would like it out of my collection so I don’t feel guilty about having something that never gets any love.


Current status of the Revlon stain in “Honey”

The NYX Concealer should not be a problem to finish up by the end of June because I was able to finish an almost full tube of the Maybelline Better Skin concealer in four to five months and this concealer is a little under half the size of that one. I want this out of my collection because it is a little too light for me, even as an under eye highlight.

I chose two Stila eye liners for the last two items. The “Stay All Day Waterproof” liquid liner is almost two years old and I doubt one is supposed to use it for that long, I want to use it until June and then move on. I love the liner though and I might have to repurchase it. The second liner came in my Stila “In The Moment” palette I found on clearance.I don’t care for the smudge stick formulation and find that it only works if used sparingly on the lower lash line and then smudged out. The really annoying thing about this product is that I will never know how much I have left to go because once you roll it up… it doesn’t go back down… which is another reason I don’t particularly  care for this liner.

As for my “bonus” items I chose four:


  1. L’Oreal “Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel Mascara” in “Medium to Dark” – Ulta $10
  2. NYC “Liquid Lipshine” in “City Clear” Target $1.89 
  3. Rimmel “Stay Matte!” in “001 Transparent” – Ulta $5 
  4. LORAC PRO 2 shadow “Nectar” – Ulta $44 for full palette 

I have had the L’Oreal brow gel for almost nine months and I think after Summer begins it’ll be time to get rid of it… so this really isn’t a “project pan” product… it’s just something I’m using until the end of the time period.

I chose the clear lip gloss from NYC because I want it out of my collection. I figure I can pop it on top of the Revlon balm for a nice shine.

The Rimmel Powder is serving as my replacement to the Clinique powder that is in my “Finish 5 By Cinco de mayo” project. I want to hit pan on it by Summer time so I can get it out of my collection before the winter months.

Finally I have another shadow from my LORAC PRO 2 palette (my pan that palette for 2016). The shade “Nectar” I am using as a blush and I LOVE IT! I don’t want to see it go but I know I have others in my stash that are similar. I don’t think it’ll be very long until I see pan on this shadow.

Well thats all for now!

Let me know if you are participating in this project (or any other project) and what products you love for the beginning of the warmer months!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion 🙂