I don’t know why I didn’t blog about my Finish 7 By Spring project progress… I guess the last two months really got away from me!

No matter, I am making a point to increase the frequency of my posts.

Any way… I am starting my “Finish 5 By Cinco de mayo” with this intro post.

I hope you enjoy!

So I have chosen five products to focus on over the next month and 17 days, they are:


  1. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Liner in “213 In The Nude” Ulta $5
  2. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner in “070 Enchantment” Ulta $5 
  3. LORAC “Behind The Scenes” Eye Primer (sample) – Ulta $21 for full size
  4. Clinique “Almost Powder Makeup”- Ulta $27
  5. Hanae Mori Roller Ball perfume – Nordstrom $25

The Rimmel lip liner will be done very soon, I’ve been using it all over my lips and then topping it off with the gloss (which is mentioned later in the post) using it that way is speeding up the progress on the product. The Rimmel eyeliner may or may not be done by the end of the project since there is a TON of it. At the very least I want to finish half of it.


Starting point for both Rimmel products: on the left is the lip liner and on the right is the eye liner

The Clinique powder and the LORAC eye primer are roll overs from my “Finish 7 By Spring” project. The powder has maybe two weeks left, but I think the eye primer will last the entire duration of the project. I started the last project with about two thirds of the primer and I still have about a third left.

The Hanae Mori roller ball will be done in about two weeks as it is my favorite scent for the spring, summer, and early fall and there is a very little left.

I also chose four bonus products to make progress in other areas of my collection:


  1. Stila “In the Light” shadow in “Sandstone” (hit pan)  – palette discontinued  
  2. LORAC PRO 2 “Lt. Brown” (hit pan) Ulta $44 for full palette
  3. LORAC PRO 2 “Cool Grey” (hit pan) Ulta $44 for full palette
  4. J Cats Beauty Lipgloss in “Rose Glisten”J Cats Beauty Website $4

Currently I’m using the Stila shadow to fill in my brows and all I want to do is hit pan in this shade.

The two LORAC PRO 2 shadows I have been using since the middle of December and haven’t hit pan on either yet, I have a significant dip in “Cool Grey” and I think I’ll see pan in a week or two. As for “Lt. Brown” I don’t know… I’m going to start using it as a contour as well as a crease shade.

And lastly the lip gloss. I got this for free at a beauty supply shop a couple months back and started trying to pan it in February. I like the color but the packaging is awwwwwwwful. It leaks constantly and has stained a portion of the lining of my favorite purse. I have about an eighth of it left and I will not miss it when it finally goes.

Well, that’s all for now! I will do weekly updates on my progress.

Let me know what you’re planning to pan or what you are loving for the spring time!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion