Hi Everyone!

Its been a while! Sorry for being MIA for like three months, the holiday season made me lose track of a lot of things… this being one of them. 😦

In the last few months I started a couple of project pans (I ditched – and deleted the post of – my original project pan because I lost interest). I started sharing my progress on my makeup instagram – makeupdeclutter98 – and have become inspired and motivated to actually complete my project pans as they come. One way I’ve found to keep me interested  are seasonal project pans… which this post is all about… one of them at least. 

I started the Finish 7 By Spring challenge that I believe was started by Amber F. on youtube or beudmama on instagram. I chose 7 products (duh) that I felt I could completely use up or make a major dent in.

I will introduce you all to my products and the progress I’ve made with photos from the start and current ones.

#’s 1&2: The LORAC PRO 2 (Ulta – $44) shades “Buff” and “Chrome.” I use “Buff” to set my eye primer, highlight my brow bone, and set my concealer. It’s the perfect yellow toned powder to do basically everything! I use “Chrome” all over my eye lid as part of my look (I will have a post on my “go-to” eye look in the next week).

#3: The LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer sample (Ulta – $21 full size). I love this primer but I have soo many primers that I want to finish this one. I’ve used it every day I’ve worn makeup since the middle of December 2015(6 days of the week on average) and I haven’t seen any progress! It’s so frustrating!!!! It makes me wonder how long it take to use up the full size.

#4: The Clinique Almost Powder Makeup (Ulta – $27). This is the only other product (besides the eyeshadows) I have that looks like I’ve made progress. The pan on this powder has been steadily growing bigger every time I use it which makes me really happy. I might finish this by 20 March but I don’t think I will… probably by 5 May though…

#5: The L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Carbon Black Mascara (Ulta – $7.99). I threw this in as a freebee item… I change out my mascara every 3 months so I decided to “pan” this one… I wanted at least one item I was guaranteed of finishing.

#6: The Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer (Ulta – $8.99).  Ok… so I kind of put in two freebee items… kind of. I wanted to pan this concealer because it had been opened for about six months (in December) and I didn’t want it to go bad. I’m actually super close to finishing it! Less and less product is coming out on the applicator every time I use it. I like this product more than I thought I would… its great for highlighting!

#7: The Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment (Sephora – $24). I finished this item! I used it up in a month… let that sink in for a moment… a lip product that I had used maybe three times before the start date of this project (28 December 2015) in a MONTH! For $24 dollars?? No… no… no! I loved the color of this but I will never repurchase this product… its’ too expensive for what it is.

Well that’s all for now! I’ll update this project in roughly two weeks!

Let me know what products you’re panning in the comments!

Until next time!

~Chic & Classy Fashion