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Hi everyone!!

Welcome back to another #MakeupTipThursday! Today we are going to be discussing mascara and all the tips and tricks that come with this should-be-simple-and-flawless-makeup product.

I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn a thing or two! Lets get started!

#1 – Wait? I have to replace my mascara often?

Well, you don’t… if you don’t mind ton bacteria growing in a product you are putting extremely close to your eyes that can cause infections.

If that doesn’t sound totally stellar, you need to replace your mascara every three to four months. If it helps, remember it this way:

Every time the season changes replace your mascara.

#2 – Rubber Bristle and Natural Fiber Wands

There are two types of mascara wands out there: the natural fiber wands and rubber bristle wands. And there is a difference between what they look like and what they do.

Natural Fiber Wands look kind of like thick lashes…

younique3dgelSee what I mean? The fibers in this type of wand give you lashes like the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, nice and thick and full.

Ruber Bristle Wands look like this:


This kind of wand gives you lengthened and exasperated lashes.

So depending on the look you’re going for – thick and full or long and separated – choose your products with the above in mind.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was informative!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion