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Hi Everyone!

I’m back with another #MakeupTipThursday! Today: Disposable Makeup Sponges.

If you use makeup sponges like these, Ulta has great deals on them. I got 32 of them for around $3!

This is a tool that all of us either used to use or still do, so here are a few tips and tricks about the sponge that you may or may not know.

I hope you enjoy and lets get started!

At the get go your sponge looks something like this:

Ah, nice and clean, happy to be here, time to make your makeup application nice and easy…

At the get go your sponge looks something like this:

Clean and typically white in color (if you are using colored makeup sponges where the heck did you find such a rad thing?).

Any way, you use the sponge for about a week, for foundation, concealer, maybe even cream blush and it winds up looking like this (WARNING: kind of gross photo):

NO! NO! NO! What in the heck happened?? Oh right, I am a disposable makeup sponge.

When this happens, throw your sponge away. After about a weeks worth of use, the sponge is dirty, really really dirty. And unlike beauty blenders or sponges like them, these things are not meant to be cleaned. In fact, I tried to once and the thing started to disintegrate in my hand.

When you buy sponges like these, they often come in pack of at least eight, so you get roughly the same number of weeks out of the pack as there are sponges.

If you don’t wear a ton of makeup and you use these sponges sparingly, they could last you up to two weeks, but any time after that is just kinda… well, gross. All the bacteria and germs that have grown and multiplied are being put back onto your skin, which causes the dreaded breakouts.

And plus, when your sponges get as dirty as in the picture above, they don’t apply or blend the makeup as evenly as before.

So if you use these sponges (which I find are great for certain tasks), just remember:


When you can’t really see the original color of the sponge, it’s time to say “Au revoir disgusting sponge! Bonjour new sponge!”

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if there are any that you would like to see!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion