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Hi Everyone!

Happy #MakeupMonday!

Continuing with palette July I have another review and swatch, this time: Stila “In the Light.”

I hope you enjoy and lets get started!

Dimensions: 5.25 in x 3.5 in x 0.5 in

Dimensions: 5.25 in x 3.5 in x 0.5 in

A little bit about the palette:

  • 10 neutral shades
  • 4 matte and 6 shimmery
  • Comes with a full size Smudge Stick Waterproof eye liner in “Damsel”
  • Palette includes Stilas’ famous “Kitten” eye shdaow
  • Discontinued but can still be found online
  • Retails for $39 at Nordstrom
  • Often on Hautelook 

Alright, so let’s get on to the swatches (as always, swatched on a piece of printer paper):

IMG_2331So as you can see, all of the colors are pigmented and show up pretty well on paper. The colors blend easily and smoothly and there’s barely any fall out… the only time I’ve experienced any was when I went a little too heavy handed with kitten.

I got this palette for Christmas last year and was so incredibly happy!

This was my first ever high end palette and I still favor it over all my others. I had to go on a wild goose chase to get this palette, which then my mom took and gave me a few months later. I went on to Sephora one day to look up the price and all the reviews said that this palette had been discontinued and I completely freaked out! So my mom and I went to the mall to see if any stores had any left in stock and NONE OF THEM DID! Everyone told me no and they were pretty darn rude about it too. But then we went to the magical Macys and after checking with one person I wandered around to see if there happened to be any hiding on the shelves and ran into a lady who told me that they could order it. And TA-DA! It was mine.

Okay, personal anecdotes aside this palette is a great starter makeup palette. All of the colors are flattering and are easy to work with. There is a nice range of shades that you can use for natural look or a total smokey eye.

Overall, I think that if you can find it, buy it! It is such a staple in my makeup collection with some of the best shades around.

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you guys later!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion