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Hi Everyone!

I have a couple small things you can do to make your bedroom seem a little more cozy and chic than before.

I know what you’re thinking… cozy? It’s the middle of the summer! But just keep reading because I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

I hope you enjoy it and lets get started!

#1: Tea Light Candles

So I recently discovered the cuteness of mason jars. I have a specific color scheme in my room and I found that clean, clear mason jars are a perfect touch and decor item.

I also found out that when you put a tea light candle in one it completes the look! And you don’t even have to light them!


For those who don’t know tea light candles are small candles that are white or multicolored and typically are not scented. They are meant to last for roughly four hours and can be found at places such as Walmart or Target.

#2: Lights

About six months ago I wanted to add something fun and chic to my room and I settled on lights. So I went to Target and found a strand of one hundred white lights with a white cord (which fits my color scheme exactly).


All I did was hang them around my window and closet… super simple and it only took five minutes!

I feel like no matter the season white lights make my room feel more cozy and inviting. And the lights give off a pretty good amount of light too! I actually use these lights more often than my ceiling light.

I hope you enjoyed it and found a way to cozify (yep… I just made it a verb :D) your room!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion