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Photo Credit http://www.zappos.com/birkenstock-arizona-soft-footbed-suede-unisex-flower-crush-mocha-suede?ef_id=VKNW@AAAAKIHFOqN:20150715215925:s

Photo Credit: Leo Peterson 

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve been seeing Birkenstocks heavily featured in fashion magazines for the past several months… and I used to not be a fan. I don’t want to bash the shoes or anyone who loves them, but I just… I couldn’t get past the way they look.

I have the weirdest, completely flat feet so sandals that don’t cause cramping pain means Birkenstocks. This is something that in the past few months I have come to terms with and actually wear them.

Because recently I have found really cute ones! And I mean really really cute, like, they don’t really seem like Birkenstocks cute!

Since the shoes have been spotted on runways and in Vouge, there have been millions of knockoffs cashing in on the idea that Birks can be fashionable and functional. This is something that I absolutely love and it makes me feel better about having to wear them.

I have purchased two pairs, one a knockoff from Payless and one an actual pair and I really like them.


This pair is from Payless and I like these shoes a lot. I think they go great with shorts and summery dresses. My one complaint, the lace gets dirty soooo incredibly fast.

IMG_2382I wear this pair way more often because they are actual Birkenstocks. I adore these as much as I can for this type of shoe. I wear them with almost everything because I don’t feel like they are Birkenstocks, just cute sandals.

Also, I found this great blog post about Birkenstocks that gives you all the Do’s and Don’ts for wearing them. Definetly check it out if you want to be your chicest and classiest while wearing an extremely comfy shoe! But ya know, you do you so don’t feel pressured into changing your Birkenstock wearing style!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion