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Hi Everyone!

I’m starting a new series on my blog all about decorating or redecorating your bed room in easy inexpensive ways. Today is (as the title suggests) five easy ways to decorate with the things that  you already have.

I hope you enjoy it and let’s get started!

#1: Travel Makeup Bag

So for this decor item all you need is a makeup bag (small to medium in size) and an old magazine, newspaper, or even tissue paper.


All I did was open the makeup bag and crumple up the paper to fill it about two thirds of the way and then I laid the paper inside of a piece of pretty tissue paper and wrapped it up, that way if anyone every opened it, it would look nice and pretty instead of like stored away garbage.


#2: Sunglasses Holder

This one is so simple! All you need is a candle holder around the size of a three wick Bath & Body Works candle, which is where I found my holder (you can find them at Target as well).


Then I just took my sunglasses that I got at places like Target, Forever 21, the grocery store, etc. and placed them inside.

*I wouldn’t recommend doing this with prescription sunglasses or more expensive sunglasses as they would most likely get scratched.*

#3: Candle Pyramid

All I did for this one was stack three candles (mine are from Bath & Body Works, but you can use any three of the same size candle) and viola!


To make it a little cuter I took this Owl picture holder thing that I got from an event a while ago, and put it in front of the candles.

#4: Perfume & Lotion Display

I took my perfumes and arranged them from largest to smallest in a little diamond formation that I think adds a cuteness to any drab corner of the room.


You can also do this with lotions.


I took my two Bath & Body Works travel size lotions, a travel size Body Butter and my Hanae Mori perfume lotion (BTW: If you guys haven’t smelled this stuff you are totally missing out!) In the back there is a medium candle from, of course, Bath & Body Works which I added because I feel that it kind of completes the look.

#5: Nail Polish Container

I used an old clear makeup holder for this room decoration that I either got from Target or TJ Maxx. All I did was put my polishes in and arranged them until I got the look I wanted. Then I slid it to the back of my closet dresser.


This is probably my favorite DIY in this post because I think it adds a pop of color while still being organized and very functional… and plus, now I have a better idea of what polishes I have because I can see them all without digging through a plastic bin!

I hope you enjoyed this first #RoomMakeoverDIY post! I’m planning on doing one every week!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion