Hi everyone!

I know this is super last minute but I wanted to do a super quick and easy nail tutorial to really get into the Independence Day spirit!

I hope you enjoy and lets get started!

What You’ll Need:

– A base coat (I’m using Sally Hansen “Double Duty Base & Top Coat”)

– A fast drying top coat, or any top coat of your choosing (I’m using the Sally Hansen “Insta Dry”)

– A red/pinky red polish (I’m using Essie’s “Haute in The Heat”)

– A white polish (I’m using Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”)

– A blue polish (I’m using Jenna Hipp’s American Pie – rather fitting right? :P)

– You will also need a few tooth picks

– Painters tape or masking tape

– A magazine that can be ripped up

The Steps:

*I am not a very skilled nail painter but I did my best. I tend to get polish all over the place and I just think it easier to get it off after it dries.*

#1: Prep your nails and apply a base coat. Then apply two coats of one of the three polishes to FOUR of your fingers, leave the ring finger on each hand bare, nothing but the base coat (I’m using the red polish because of the order of the flag: Red, White, & Blue).

#2: Once your other fingers have had a chance to dry a little, take your white nail polish and apply two coats to your ring fingers and let dry.


#3: Once the polish is dry… and I mean DRY. Cut a piece of tape and then cut six thin strips a little longer than the width of your nail.

Apply two of the strips to your nails, dividing your nails into three equal sections. 

Next, take the other remaining strips and cut them to a third of their size. Place the piece close to the center of your nail in the top section. We will use this to create a flag later on.


#4: Paint the sections marked off (except for the one destined to be the blue part of the flag) red. Apply one to two coats and let dry.


#5: Peal the tape off slowly and then very carefully paint the remaining white space at the top and half of the first white stripe with the blue polish. You can use tape to make this easier. Apply one to two coats and let dry.




#6: Put a small amount of white polish onto the cover of your magazine and, using a tooth pick, dip it in the white and make dots onto the blue. The goal here is to make it look kind of the the stars on the flag. Try to get an equal space between each dot. Let this dry for a few minutes.



#7: Finally, I apply a top coat. Let your nails dry a little and then you’re done!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’m so sorry its up so late, I’ll be better about it next time around.

If you try this out let me know!

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion