If you’ve ever burned a Bath & Body Works candle you probably have faced the “now what?” question when your completely finished burning it. Having a almost empty candle jar is useless, and let’s face it, somewhat ugly looking due to wax discoloration. I’m going to show you a way to not only clean out an old candle jar, but also one way to repurpose it.

I hope you enjoy it and lets get started! 😀

Step 1: You will need to put your candle in the freezer (without the lid) for anywhere between 18 and 24 hours.

Step 2: For this next part you will need an old kitchen towel and a cheap dinner knife. I got mine at Walmart, you do not want to use a good knife for this because it will be covered in wax, and the process could possibly damage the knife… plus even after you wash it, it will still smell somewhat like the candle.

The old kitchen towel is important because getting the wax out of a candle can be very dangerous and you will want something to wrap around the jar, because if it does happen to shatter you do not want your hand to be the first thing affected.

Step 3 v. 1: Start by running the tip of the knife along the outer rim of the candle, if you (like me) had a little to much wax in the candle to make this an easy step, run different portions of the candle jar under hot water for about 10 seconds each, and then try this. It will make the removal process much easier.

Step 3 v. 2: This step is for those who burned their candles down enough so that it is already cracked a little when they take it out of the freezer. Take your knife and carefully stab the wax with the tip, the wax should start to break up after a while (if this is not the case, follow Step 3 v. 1). If this did work, jump down to Step 5.


Step 4: Once a chunk of the wax is broken apart from the rest, remove that piece and throw it in the trash. Then continue to run the knife along the outer rim of the remaining wax until it becomes loose.

Step 5: Once the rest of the wax is removed, you will be left with one to three candle wick stubs.


These will either come out easily, or will require some careful tugging. Mine chose to be stubborn so what I did was run a small part of a paper towel under hot water and use it to warm the glue holding the stub in place, then I was able to gently tug and remove the stub.



Step 6: Once the stubs are removed you will be left with wax chunks smeared around the inside (and possible outside of the candle).


Take another paper towel and run a small part of it under hot water and rub off the wax. The heat will melt the wax enough so that it should come off easily.

Step 7: Spray some Windex on a paper towel and clean out the inside and outside of the jar (this might take several paper towels).




Step 8 (Optional): This next step is optional because it involved taking off the label on the bottom of the jar.


Start by tearing the label off, if the inside of the jar is warm and the label is a tiny bit damp, then the removal process will be easier. Then take another paper towel with a little Windex on it and rub the bottom of the jar until all of the residue and tiny bits of paper come off.

Step 9: I would recommend this step because you have just used cleaning chemicals all over your jar. Take a kitchen towel or a paper towel and run part of it under warm water and rub it all over the jar (inside and out).

And that’s it! It’s that easy! You’ll be left with an empty jar to fill with whatever you please.

I put all of my makeup brushes and tools in it, to save on space in my setup and because it looks so darn cute!


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Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion 😀