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Hi Everyone!

So I just spent way to much money at Nordstrom and Sephora… so I decided to kind of justify it with a haul post.

I hope you enjoy it and lets get started! 🙂

I’m going to start with what I got at Sephora because it isn’t quite as exciting.

I went into Sephora for two reasons:

1.) I needed a new Clinique City Face (which you can read all about in my Holy Grail Makeup Products post)

2.) I wanted to try out the Sephora brand Universal Lip Liner in clear.

I’ve always been one of those people to scoff at lip liners simply because you could only use them with lipsticks that match the shade perfectly. So when I saw that Sephora had a clear liner I rushed right over. I’ll update you in a later post about it.

While I was standing in the dreaded line, where they keep all of the samples, my eyes wandered and then focused on the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. And well, I bought it.


I have a really old sample of the Too Faced shadow insurance primer that I recently rediscovered at the bottom of a makeup bag, it was a goner.

Like everything else, I will let you know my opinion in the nearish future!

Moving on to the Nordstrom purchases…

The first thing I got at Nordstrom was the Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ travel size water.   

Honestly, I have absolutely no clue why I bought this. I just saw it before checking out and I was like “ooo! I think Jaclyn Hill uses that stuff!” and thus $10 was spent on what seems to be just water.  I’ll let you know what I think about it in a later post after I have a chance to really use it.

The next thing I got was the Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Mac Lipstick.

I have been eyeing this lipstick for a very long time, because it just seemed like the perfect pink summer lip.

And now for the most exciting purchase… and really the reason I went to Nordstrom in the first place…

Just look at it!!! This is the Mac “Nordstrom Naturals” eye shadow palette. This palette is exclusive to Nordstrom and is limited edition. What really got me about this palette was the price: $85. While this may seem freaking expensive (which is exactly what I thought at first), you get 15 FULL SIZE eye shadows. Which, if you buy them individually with no pot they are $12 a piece, and with packaging they are a whopping $16 each. And with this palette, you also get the case, so it is almost a $200 value… so for $85, its a steal.

That’s all for now! I promise to write a future post about what I think of some of the products I purchased.

As for the lipstick and palette, they will each get their own full review and they will have swatches! This post would have swatches included by my camera died… #technologydifficulties

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion