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Hi everyone!

Today I have eight products that I wanted to share with you that I found… well… disappointing (as the title suggests). This is in no way meant to be a beat down on the companies or anything like that. This is just my sole opinion on the products, something that I might not like could be one of your holy grail items… everyone is different.

I hope you enjoy this post and let’s get started! 🙂

First up the Cover Girl Cheekers blush in 148 Natural Rose. I bought this about two years ago when I first was getting into makeup, and at the time I hadn’t experienced the luxury of having high quality blush. After which, I can’t even use this blush. It has almost no pigmentation (not even enough to show up on a swatch photo).

I guess I can’t be all that mad though, it was a $4 blush. This color might work great on someone whose skin is even paler than mine – if that is even possible!

Next, I have another blush: the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in #40 – Pink Plum. I really like this blush, it has great pigmentation, but not enough to be like HELLO I AM A BLUSH! The only reason I am including it is because it got weird after the first time I used it.

maybelline bouncy

The blush has a weird smooshy consistency that at first I thought was really cool, until it morphed into a bizarre shape! I don’t know if I did something I shouldn’t have or if I just got a dud, but either way, it was disappointing, especially because it was about $8.

This next product was my own fault because I did not pay attention to the actual color until I got home. The Stilla Sun Bronzing Powder in Shade 01.

stilla bronzer 1

I was in Sephora when I swatched it on the back of my hand, and I thought that it was a good color for my skin, and that it would be a good bronzer. At the time I didn’t know any better because this was my FIRST ever bronzer. But the next morning when I was getting ready, I applied it to the hollows of my cheeks and to my temples and noticed that it had a weird rusty orange color. I asked my friend and she told me that my face was “orange, definitely orange.”

The swatch picture doesn’t pick up on the fact that it is pretty darn shimmery too. I had no idea and felt like I had been cheated out of $20… granted I didn’t know any better, so I guess I am at fault on this one.

Next, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, the brightener version. I don’t exactly know why I bought this, my local Target was out of my shade in the regular concealer and so I thought this would be basically the same thing. Nope. Not at all. 

This product “erases dark circles,” which I thought would be the same thing as a concealer. Turns out, it only erases dark circles if they happen to be very light dark circles. On me all it did was cake up and settle into fine lines almost immediately and blending it out was a nightmare!

Maybe someday I’ll be able to use this product and not feel this way about it, but in the past few months I have had really dark circles under my eyes due to stress from school and other things, and this stuff just didn’t cut it.

Next is the Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in 440? It doesn’t have an actual name on it, so I can’t be sure.

lip stain CG

I bought this when I really wanted a cheap red lipstick to make my makeup look more dramatic. I love the color, but when you apply it, it settles into fine lines on the lips and gathers only on the outer rim of the lips. It is the weirdest thing, because I apply it and then it seems to migrate to other places on my lips making them look patchy and worse than going without a lipstick/stain. Very disappointing :(.

I did a post about my favorite lotions a little while ago and this one did  not make the cut. It is the Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry.

Body Shop strawberry

I love their Shea Body Butter and thought that I would love this one as well… wrong. It has a weird smell that doesn’t smell like strawberries, more like a weird mix of chemicals and a super artificial strawberry scent. And when I put it on my legs, the smell got even worse, it became a very strong, creamy fakey strawberry scent that forced me to take another shower to get rid of it.

This next product I got from one of Ulta’s buy one get one deals. It is the ULTA Flawless Primer.

ulta primer

When I first got this product I used it all the time and thought it was the best thing ever. After a while I switched to another primer, and then about a week ago I used this and I noticed things that I hadn’t before.  This stuff has the strangest smell and texture. It smells kind of like green tea mixed with a milky waxy something, I can’t describe it. When I put it on my face and then the rest of my make up I realized how oily my T-zone looked. And no matter how much mattefying powder I used I couldn’t get rid of the shine.

My last disappointing product is the E.L.F. Tone Correcting Powder.

elf setting

Not only did this powder break on my after only a few uses, it makes my skin white, like really white, and it’s not a flattering white. It takes away any color from my skin and makes it look flat and lifeless. I realize that it is a “Tone Correcting Powder” but I thought that it wouldn’t correct my skin tone to the point of no color at all.

That’s all for now. My next post will be much more cheerful and positive I promise! If you’ve tried any of the products I mentioned, leave me a comment telling me what you think about them.

Until next time!

~Chic and Classy Fashion 😀