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In the past six months I have purchased three translucent setting powders for my foundation: two drugstore and one high end.

I found something kind of strange about the three I chose, they all – more or less – did the same thing and they all had bad packaging with poor stability.

makeup forever powderThis first one I bought was the Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder. I was browsing in Sephora and came across this powder and had to have it. At the time I was trying out the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr. Liquid Foundation (something I found did not work for me at all) and needed something to set it with. The only thing that I was concerned about was the hefty price tag: $36. It made me wonder whether or not it was going to be worth the cost for so long I think I spent an extra forty minutes ambling around the store trying to make up my mind. Eventually I broke down and bought it and was quite impressed. Although the foundation I had in mind for this to go with did not work, the powder works flawlessly with any liquid foundation.

The only beef I have with it is the packaging. With in a month of owning it the pan fell out of the black packaging and landed on my floor. I was terrified to look, if it was broken I knew I would cry, but luckily it wasn’t. This did put me on the hunt for an old compact (whose contents were not so lucky) that would fit the pan. I wound up using an old foundation one. The pan snapped into place and hasn’t budged since.

I love this powder and would highly recommend it to absolute everyone! Just keep in mind that the packaging is sub par.

elf powderThe next powder I bought was the E.L.F. Correcting Powder. Now I know this doesn’t explicitly say that it is a translucent setting powder but it works great as one! But the packaging was terrible! (Notice a theme here?) I tapped my brush gently against it to tap off the excess powder and the product cracked in three different places. I tried my best to ignore it but found it harder and harder to use because the more I used, the more broken it became.

My advice to you is that if you do purchase this powder do NOT tap your brush against the case!

Rimmel Stay matteThis last powder I purchased about three weeks ago, it is the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in 001 Transparent. This powder claims that it will keep your skin matte and boy does it deliver. Now the color isn’t exactly translucent but I am so pale that it fits my skin color perfectly.

I decided to test this powder out when I went to a dance where there were over 700 people  dancing in a single room. The hot humid air was no match for this powder though. My skin stayed matte and shine free for the entire seven hours I was there.

Over all I would recommend the Rimmel powder and the Makeup Forever powder. The E.L.F. one is great but I feel that it doesn’t quite do the job and looks a tad cakey on the skin. If you wanted to buy a drug store setting powder I would go with the Rimmel Stay Matte.