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So it’s been roughly four days since my post about these nail polishes and I felt that it was time for a partial update.

I used the color Thin Mint and the application of the polish did not go smoothly. It went on in streaks and when it dried little air bubbles hiding underneath the top layer of color popped giving my nails an extremely uneven texture.

As for the polish being chip resistant I think that yes it took longer before chipping compared to OPI polishes I’ve used, but it isn’t necessarily the longest lasting polish.

Despite these facts absolutely LOVE the color! I think these are totally worth having as long as you are not expecting your nails to stay flawless for more than a few days.

Oddly, the longevity didn’t bother me as much as it normally does because even with my troubles with the application it was completely dry to the touch in a little over two hours (top and bottom coats included).

I will try the rest of the colors in the set and then update you all again with a final review. I think I will be going for yellowy white color Marshmallow Fondant next! Check my twitter for more weekly updates about these polishes!