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Alright, I’ll admit, I bought this in a hurry and because I was desperate. I had a project for school coming up and I needed a lip stick that wasn’t going to get onto my teeth and one that would last for a good three hours. When I saw that MAC had their Pro Longwear Lip Cremes at my Macy’s I almost ran to the counter.

I bought the last of their Lip Cremes in the shade Unlimited. It’s a sort of rosy nude color that dries matte. Since the shade was absolutely perfect I bought it and didn’t try it out on my lips until after I got home.

I went to try it on and found that while I could twist the Lip Creme up, I couldn’t get it back down without pushing it with my finger… this is something I would expect of a four dollar drug store lipstick not a sixteen dollar one.

I put it on and the color was incredible! It’s about the same as my lips but a tad darker making it the perfect understated made-up lip. And this Lip Creme smells AMAZING! It’s like a, well, a creme… no wonder they called it that. It’s like a somewhat fruity creme.

As to color longevity, I’d say it lasts about six hours but is extremely drying if you do not moisturize your lips properly beforehand.

Over all I’d give this Lip Creme a 7.5/10 because of my broken tube. But if you are in the market for a rosy nude lip stick, I’d definitely recommend it!